Revolutionary Anecdote(List)

With a Mind of Furnishing One’s Own House

One day in April Juche 102(2013) the respected General Secretary visited Unha Scientist Street construction site again.

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An Earnest Request

One day in October, Juche 103 (2014), the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un visited the Natural Energy Institute.

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Location of Sockets Draws Repeated Concern

One day in September Juche 103 (2014) the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un looked around an apartment house newly built for the educators of Kim Chaek University of Technology.

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Education, the Mother of Science

As we are witnessing the proud reality of our country where giving top priority to education and talents is being firmly established as our social and national traits, and the slogan of “Let’s make a leap forward by dint of science and guarantee the future by dint of education” is being embodied in practice, all our people are feeling keenly the meaning of the following new term of our era:

Education is the mother of science!

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Pyongyang Spirit, Pyongyang Speed

One day in February, Juche104 (2015), the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un inquired into the construction of Mirae Scientist Street by plane.

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A Phone Call Made at Dawn

One day of September, Juche110(2021), when the typhoon no.16 was raging, an official of the State Hydro-Meteorological Administration was watching keenly the moving direction of the typhoon, when he unexpectedly received a telephone call from the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.

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Fertile Soil that Brings a Miracle

In May, Juche 105(2016), the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited a machine factory.

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Green-Belted Playground

One day of May, Juche 101(2012), the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited Kyongsang Kindergarten.

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Fruit and root

It was the time when the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited the newly rebuilt Pyongyang Teachers’ College.

That time, what he put great emphasis on was the improvement of the teachers’ real ability.

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Basic core in the modernization

On June 15, Juche105 (2016), the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited Pyongyang Cornstarch Factory though it was raining.

He praised high the working class of this factory for having finished its modernization within a short period of less than one year and made a round of the several places including the product sample room and cake shop. By doing so, he expressed his satisfaction over the high ratio of localization for the modernization.

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Motive Power for Working Miracles

One day of September, Juche102 (2013), the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un came out to the spot to make a round of the newly completed Unha Scientist Street.

The area around the new street had undergone such a cataclysmic change in a short period of seven months that nobody could recognize its original appearance and everybody was full of admiration at the sight.

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Even while seeing only one product

One day, the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un visited Chollima Tile Factory.

He made a round of a combined grinding shop for inspection.

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