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Korean Libraries Association

Sin Kwang Son,
President of GPSH
and Chairman of KLA

DPRK's libraries association (Abbreviation: KLA) was formed on July 23, Juche42 (1953).

The association is an academic organization of the library informatics. It accelerates the mutual cooperation, study and development in all the fields of the library science and gives all the libraries the methodological guidance to provide the readers with the necessary information at the higher level.

The association is the basic group containing libraries at all levels of the whole country including GPSH and representing the libraries in our country, and works with the international federation of national associations of libraries.

The chairman of the association is the president of GPSH.

The association joined regular member nation of the international federation of national associations of libraries at the 36th general meeting held in Moscow in September, Juche59 (1970).

At present, the association has been developing the exchange and cooperation in the library management field in close connection with several libraries in the world.