Workshop Held on the DPR Korea World Heritage

The Grand People’s Study House hosted a workshop on the DPRKworld heritage on 25-27 October, Juche 112(2023) in order to widely introduce and propagate the world heritages, like the mural paintings in the Koguryo tombs registered as the world heritage, the intangible heritages and the documentary heritages, as well as to encourage all the people to take an active part in the work of heritage preservation.

Different organizations attended the workshop including Ministry of Land and Environment Protection, Academy of Social Sciences, National Authority for the Protection of Cultural Heritage, Grand People’s Study House and Kim Il Sung University.

Lectures were given on the national policy for the national heritage preservation, the world heritage conventions, the international conventions on the intangible cultural heritage preservation, the intangible cultural heritages in DPR Korea listed on the typical inventory of human intangible cultural heritage, the work of heritage preservation, Muyedobothongji and Honchonjondo registered as the world documentary heritage, etc.

They also watched the TV programs “The national heritage, Arirang” and “Muyedobothongji”.

The participants visited the Tokhung-ri Tomb mural paintings in Tokhung-ri, Kangso District, Nampho City, registered as the world cultural heritage.

The workshop helped participating organizations make an active cooperation and exchange of experiences, and helped promote the public understanding about the world heritage activities.