• 1. Design Method of Sodium Ion Battery Material

    Dr. & Associate Prof. Jong Un Gi, Kim Il Sung University

    E-Lecture Room, 11/29(Wed), 16:00

  • 2. New Veterinary Vaccine Made of Virus-Like Particle

    Jong Song Il, Researcher, State Academy of Sciences

    E-Lecture Room, 11/21(Tue), 16:00

  • 3. Antenna Technology of 4G Mobile Base Station

    Dr. & Associate Prof. Kim Myong Il, Kim Chaek University of Technology

    E-Lecture Room, 11/17(Fri), 16:00

  • 4. Antibody of a New Type - Aptamer

    Prof. & Dr. Kim Jong Hui, Academy of Medical Science

    E-Lecture Room, 11/14(Tue), 16:00

  • 5. Management Of XML Using ActionScript3.0

    Son Son Gil, Lecturer, Grand People's Study House

    E-Lecture Room, 11/10(Fri), 16:00

  • 6. How to design the Embedded System Using PSoC

    Hong Myong Jin, Lecturer, Kim Chaek University of Technology

    Lecture Room 41, 11/17(Fri), 16:00

  • 7. Development Trend and Manufacturing Method of CO2 Sensor

    Yu Song Chol, Lecturer, Kim Chaek University of Technology

    Lecture Room 2, 11/15(Wed), 16:00

  • 8. Foodstuff Production Techniques Using By-products of Fruit and Vegetable Processing

    Prof. & Dr. Ri Jin Suk, Pyongyang Han Tok Su University of Light Industry

    Lecture Room 4, 11/13(Mon), 16:00