The Grand People’s Study House is working hard to exchange publications with many libraries in other countires.

Contact address:

Institution name: Grand People’s Study House

Postal address: Jungsong Dong, Central District, Pyongyang, DPR KOREA

P.O. Box:200

Contact person: Thak Tu Yon (Mr), International Exchange Division, Department of Foreign Affairs, Grand People’s Study House

Tel. 850-2-18111(431-8472)


Periodical publications (55 Kinds)
KindPeriodical publicationsLanguage
1NewspaperRodong SinmunKorean
2Monthly publicationHigher EducationKorean
3Technical InnovationKorean
4Official Journal of Invention of the DPR KoreaKorean
5Children’s LiteratureKorean
6Korean WomenKorean
7Korean LiteratureKorean
8Korean ArtKorean
10Youth LiteratureKorean
11BimonthlyBulleltin of the Academy of SciencesKorean
12World of ScienceKorean
13Public EducationKorean
14Agricultural IrrigationKorean
15Information Science and TechniqueKorean
16Information ScienceKorean
17Korean ArchitectureKorean
18Computer and Program TechniqueKorean
20Art EducationKorean
21TrimestrialScience of Light IndustryKorean
22Measurement & Standardization Korean
23Mechanical EngineeringKorean
24Meteorology and HydrologyKorean
25Basic MedicineKorean
26Journal of Kim Il Sung University-EconomicsKorean
27Journal of Kim Il Sung University-HistoryKorean
28Journal of Kim Il Sung University-LawKorean
29Journal of Kim Il Sung University-PhilosophyKorean
30Journal of Kim Il Sung University-LinguisticsKorean
31Journal of Kim Il Sung University-Physical ScienceKorean
32Journal of Kim Il Sung University-Life ScienceKorean
33Journal of Kim Il Sung University- Geoenvironmental Science and GeologyKorean
34Internal MedicineKorean
35Science on HistoryKorean
38Journal of Academy of Social SciencesKorean
40Pediatrics, Obstetrics and GynecologyKorean
42Preventive MedicineKorean
43Electricity and Automatic EngineeringKorean
45Study of Korean AntiquityKorean
46Korean PharmacologyKorean
47Korean LinguisticsKorean
48Korean Medical ScienceKorean
49Geology and GeographyKorean
50Mining EngineeringKorean
51Chemistry and Chemical EngineeringKorean
52Kindergarten Teacher Korean
54Journal of Academy of Agricultrual SciencesKorean
55Forest ScienceKorean
Periodical publications (3 Kinds)
KindPeriodical publicationsLanguage
1NewspaperPyongyang TimesEnglish
2Monthly publicationLand of Golden TapestryKorean
3Monthly publicationLand of Golden TapestryRussian
4TrimestrialForeign Trade of the KoreaEnglish