Operating System and Method

A Unique System of Education

What plays an important part in operating the Grand People’s Study House is a unique system of education, the main part of which is teaching.

Its main mission is not only the book reading and lending as other libraries in general, but teaching all members of society. We organize various types of lectures, scientific theory speeches, sci-tech courses, Q&A (questions and answers), briefing, and reeducation with the problems that are not taught at universities.

Lectures held at GPSH includes sci-tech lectures – dealing with new sci-tech problems from social and natural science, new technology briefing lectures – introducing world trend of sci-tech development and new sci-tech data, recording lectures – giving recorded lectures if asked, field lectures – held in labour field, and request lectures – dealing with the problems requested by people.

Scienrtific and technological speeches for people of all walks of life, reeducation for scientists and engineers, foreign language courses attending everybody and learning any language to their liking, and a plain Q&A for sci-tech problems for working people are organized as well.

Book Reading and Lending Service

It’s one of GPSH’s major featuring functions as a library. We have a well-organized system of book reading and lending in accordance with its characteristics as a grand edifice of learning where all working people with a variety of jobs and knowledge visit to study.

We modernize the reading rooms and better our service for any request of readers, and through the digital reading room, we serve digital reading of various books and documents.

Building Database, Data Investigation, Information Service

We have built lots of information production, data investigation and information service system to investigate, analyze, correct, store and spread the information from thousands of pamphlets and bulletins.

Also we send book lists to province, city and county libraries, and spread various kinds of abstracts, index and references.

Now GPSH has become a reliable institution of data investigation and sci-tech information that investigates and produces the advanced sci-tech data and information rapidly and accurately as well as stores and spreads them in need.

Book Translation and Record Service

It has a well-organized system of translating and serving the foreign sci-tech books and data as the types of books and e-books to readers with the well-prepared staff of translators.

This system which was established by President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il is a popular and developed system which makes working people read foreign books without inconvenience, and a unique operating system and method of our own which is coincident with GPSH’s characters and missions.

Books Collecting, Pigeonholing, and Keeping

Not only all books published nationwide have to be delivered to GPSH but also books from abroad have to be imported only through GPSH. In addition to it, their original edition has to be kept in GPSH and only copies of them can be spread to departments in need.

Also we import lots of English and Chinese books by the way of international book exchange with foreign libraries, and by actively joining overseas compatriots in this project.

To maintain the scientific accuracy and unity in registration and pigeonholing books, we have established a scientific book sorting system all over the country and use the united sorting card of books and papers, besides the project of eternal preservation of books and documents is being conducted without any interrupt.

Musical documents and data service

Musical documents and data service is an excellent service not only for experts but for all the working people to make them talented with good cultural quality as well as to become genuine enjoyers of culture and art contributing to healty development of society.

Publishing and Printing service

GPSH has a copy printing workshop as a subsidiary agency. This workshop copies and spreads the books GPSH has and readers ask.

And GPSH publishes the bulletin “Grand People’s Study House” to spread new sci-tech data.