# Title Teacher Place Date Time
1 Ultrahigh Frequency Power Synthesis Technology and its Development Prospect Dr. & Associate Prof. An Un Nam, Lecturer, Kim Il Sung University E-Lecture Room 11/10(Wed) 16:00
2 Development Trend of Management Information System Dr. & Associate Prof. Ri Ryong Sam, Kim Chaek University of Technology E-Lecture Room 11/17(Wed) 16:00
3 The Development Trend of Alternating-Current(AC) Locomotive Associate Prof. Ri Kon U, Pyongyang University of Transport E-Lecture Room 11/18(Thu) 16:00
4 The Property of Various Sweetenings and Scientific and Technical Problems Arising in their Use Hong Ri Sok, Academy of Light Industry Science E-Lecture Room 11/24(Wed) 16:00
5 Development and Application of Natural Food Antioxidant Nam Kyong Il, Lecturer, Pyongyang Han Tok Su University of Light Industry E-Lecture Room 11/30(Tue) 16:00