Long history of using perfume in our country

Long history of using perfume in our country

The perfume has been long used in our country.

In the ancient times, our people regarded the perfume as holy and used it actively.

This is clearly proved by the legend about Tangun related with the founding of Ancient Joson.

The perfume was used more actively in the period of three countries.

It was widely used in Palhae and Later Silla eras, too.

In Later Silla, the perfume was widely used for the women’s makeup. That time, everybody could use it regardless of the social position although there was a difference in the quality of perfume.

The perfume was used more widely during Koryo dynasty.

It was used for the women’s dressing up that time.

This was proved from the perfume box and sachet which had been used by the people that time.

During feudal Joson dynasty, the people burnt a musk and used a candle emitting orchid fragrance in the room. Not only female persons but also male persons carried the sachet with them.

That time, the people burnt the perfume in the censer while reading book, receiving visitor and drinking tea. They scattered perfumed water upon their clothes and washed their hair in it.

Like this, our people have developed the perfumed hair oil and perfume making technique and the censer making technique while using perfume widely.

They have actively used the several kinds of perfume extracted from the musk and the root, stem, leaf and flower of the plant for a long time.