Our people have played many kinds of folk games traditionally. Among them, there is a swinging for the women.

The term “swinging” reminds the people of the women who soar high into the sky in the wonderful Korean clothes in summer.

The swinging is a kind of folk game to soar higher into the sky. For the swinging, it is necessary to hang two swing ropes from the thick branch and install one footboard between two ends of the ropes.

The swinging has been widely played in spring and summer since the ancient times.

According to the record, the swinging was played in the northwestern region during three states.

That time, the swing rope was installed in a branch of arboreal pavilion and the safety wrist belts and footboard were also installed on the rope in order that twe feet should be placed conveniently and that the player should concentrate her energy upon the swing with her feet.

The swinging is classified into a single swinging and a double swinging. To contend for victory, the single swing was widely used.

Victory or defeat was decided in the several methods.

Initially, the player kicked an appointed branch with her feet or bit off an appointed flower with her teeth. Or the winner was decided by measuring the height of the rope hanging from the footboard.

In Pyongyang, the swinging game was played on Mt Changgwang and Moran hill in the fifth month of lunar calender.

The woman who took the first place in the game used to receive a basin as the prize in order to manage her domestic economy with care as a housewife.

Like this, the swinging developed into the national sport event-important means for women’s physical training although it had been played as one of the folk games.