Kuju castle
Kuju castle

Kuju castle

Kuju castle is situated in Kusong city of North Phyongan province. It is well known for a great victory in this castle.

Kusong was called Kuju from the late half of the 10th century to the 13th century.

The name “Kuju” meant the turtleback since the surface of this area was divided into the several parts vertically and horizontally by the mountain ranges.

Since Kuju was the main point to the northwestern district, Koryo feudal dynasty built the castle with stones, put importance to this area politically and militarilly and raised the status of Kuju to the higher level.

This castle was built in 994, the beginning of Koryo dynasty and it consists of the inner castle(circumference is about 5023m) and outer castle(circumference is about 1480m).

The inner castle surrounds the old township of Gusong and the outer castle is situated in the northwest of the inner castle.

The eastern wall and northern wall of the inner castle were built along the cliff and the western one framed wall was built along the outer surface of the ridge and the only wall connected with the southern plain was double framed.

The wall was built along much indented ridge and there were many bastions in it. Now there remained about 20 traces of bastion.

There were the gates in the eastern wall, western wall, northern wall and southern wall of the inner castle and in the western wall of the outer castle, respectively. There was an arch-gateway in the southern gate of the inner castle. There was the wonderful 2-storeyed gatehouse with 3 kans on the front, 3 kans on the side and the gabled roof over this gateway. There was a underpass between the inner castle and the outer castle.

Kuju castle played a great role in driving out the foreign enemy during Koryo dynasty.

When Mongolian army invaded Koryo in 1231, Koryo army defended Kuju castle by fighing bravely against the invaders under the command of Pak So.

Later, Kuju castle also played great role in driving out 6 invasions of Mongolian army upon Koryo.

Like this, Kuju castle is the valuable cultural heritage with the proud history of struggle.