Koguryo people giving priority to the education
Koguryo people giving priority to the education

Koguryo people giving priority to the education

The mightness of Koguryo was related with its developed economy, its strong military force and its education to bring up the rising generations.

Koguryo had Thaehak and Kyongdang as its educational institution. Thaehak was the central government-managed educational institution to train the official of the feudal state and Kyongdang was the civil educational institutions which were popularized in each locality of Koguryo.

Koguryo paid attention to the civil education. Typical was the education using Kyongdang.

Kyongdang was the civil educational institution intended for the common people unlike Thaehak.

The education in Kyongdang was divided into two classes: one of classical canon and other of military arts.

The other typical educational institution showing the development of education in Koguryo was Thaehak.

The ruling class of Koguryo forced the people to respect and defend its feudal status system by strenghtening the education of the feudal Confucianism among the rising generations.

Thaehak was the highest Confucianism teaching institution which was run only in the country of emperor. It was established in the Capital. The only children of the feudal ruling class studied in Thaehak.

The main subjects of Thaehak were also Confucianism and military arts. Besides, Thaehak taught the history, calligraphy and arithmatics.

Later, the method and content of education in Kyongdang and Thaehak had a great effect on the developmnet of education in the successive feudal dynasties of our country.