Good Custom of Helping With Each Other Among Neighbours

Good Custom of Helping With Each Other Among Neighbours

Our people have regarded it as an etiquette and a good custom to help with each other and live in a perfect harmony among neighbours since the ancient times.

They shared their special food with each other. When a marriage was held next door, they helped their neighbours making a quilt and clothes all night, offering rice, cloth and money, congratulating them altogether.

When there was a death next door, they expressed their deep mourning and helped them with their funeral putting up the nights together, making a coffin and digging up a grave.

This good custom of helping each other among neighbours were also expressed when making kimchi for winter.

Our people were accustomed to do together with neigbours all the work from preserving cabbages with salt, washing them, seasoning them with spices, and putting them into a large earthenware jar. After that, they sent their kimchi and spices to their neighbours to taste and exchange opinions.

Whoever built a house newly or repaired it, all the people of the whole village helped the house owner with his work sincerely and he took it for granted to serve them food such as rice cake, noodle and drinks.

Good custom of living in a perfect harmony among neighbours were clearly expressed in farming.

Our people organized the joint mutual-labour-aid organizations such as an ox-sharing team, a labour-exchanging team and a farmers’ cooperative group in order to do successfully the whole processes of hard farm work including plowing, rice planting, weeding and harvesting. By doing so, they created and developed a fine custom of working life.