Good Manners in Cooking and Serving Foods

Good Manners in Cooking and Serving Foods

Our people have created, inherited and developed noble table manners suited to our national characteristics for a long time.

The women always wore their headscarf and their apron when cooking foods in the kitchen.

They also observed their proprieties even when serving foods.

First of all, they did not serve foods in a faulty bowl or plate.

Then, daughters-in-law who lived together with the partents served boiled rice, soup and side dishes to them before everybody else.

They also paid particular attention to make it more presentable to serve food.

The boiled rice was served not to be pressed by the lid, and the soup to be a little lower than the bowl’s edge.

Otherwise, the women put vegetable foods fully on the plate and some foods such as fried dish, slices of boiled meat and roasted fish evenly on the plate.

Also, when setting the table, they put the bowls and plates on the table to be good to see and convenient to eat.

When carrying the table, they quietly came into the room and put it down on the floor carefully.