Recipe for Pancake of Feudal Joson Dynasty (2)

Recipe for Pancake of Feudal Joson Dynasty (2)


Jonbyong is made by kneading rice-flour with water into round dough and frying it in the pan.

The first record of jonbyong can be seen in the book “Rimwonsipryukji” which says:

“… Jonbyong is made by kneading wheat flour with water into damp-dried pastry which is made into the shape and size of a big thin bowl mouth and fried in oil. In case of using the glutinous rice flour, corn flour or adlay flour as the ingredient, the size of jonbyong gets as small as a wine cup mouth. When it is stuffed with the filling of red-bean powder, it is also called jonbyong.”

The above-quoted record says that jonbyong is made of wheat flour, which shows that a major variety of jonbyong was made of wheat.

It also says that what is stuffed with red-bean filling was also called jonbyong and it shows that jonbyong could be classified into two kinds: with and without stuffing.

And the fact that only red-bean was emphasized as the ingredient of stuffing shows that red-bean was mainly used.

Jonbyong is classified into several kinds such as wheat jonbyong, glutinous rice jonbyong, corn jonbyong and adlay jonbyong according to their main ingredients, regardless of the secondary materials.

So we can see that several kinds of main ingredients were used to make jonbyong and that in case of using the stuffing, red-bean was used mainly as the secondary material.

Wheat jonbyong, which is a kind of jonbyong, became a part and parcel of milssam (stuffed wheat cakes) -- a kind of modern fast foods.

Milssam, which were popular at the beginning of the 20th century, were different kinds of processed vegetables wrapped in wheat jonbyong. The first record of milssam can be seen in the old book “Joson mussang sinsikryorijebop (Recipes of Best Modern Foods of Korea)”.

They were introduced as “miljonbyongbyolbop” or “milssam” in the old book “Josonryorijebop (Recipes of Korean Foods)”.