Commemoration seminar on ICPD @ 25 Held

The advocacy seminar commemorating International Conference on Population and Development 25 had been conducted in the Grand People’s Study House on October 28th, 2019.

The participants were senior officials from Ministry of Public Health, Central Bureau of Statistics, Population Center and Korean FP & MCH Association etc. and men and women from Pyongyang city.

Also the Representative of UNFPA DPRK CO, UNRC a.i. and WFP Country Director in DPRK, and other international organizations and diplomatic corps to DPRK were invited to the seminar.

First of all, there were speeches.

And there were presentations on “DPRK’s commitment at ICPD 25”, “Demographic dividend” and “Experiences of ICPD implementation & Future actions in SHR for achieving the ICPD goals and 2030 agenda”.

The presenters mentioned of sectional achievements gained in implementing ICPD Programme and forwards activities.

After presentations, the participants looked around the exhibited photos.-0-