The workshop on the occasion of 2018 World Day for Audiovisual Heritage was held in , the Grand People’s Study House in Pyongyang, DPRK.

Present there were the officials from the UNESCO Beijing Office and MOWCAP, Grand People’s Study House, and the other line ministries and institutions.

Speeches were made by GPSH and UNESCO Beijing Office. They mentioned that the documentary heritage including audiovisuals gave knowledge on the history and culture of the countries and enriched our life and promote the development of science and technology.

They expressed their wish that this workshop would be a good opportunity to raise the social interest on the documentary heritage and improve the preservation of and access to the audiovisual heritage.

There were presentations on “MOW Activities in DPRK; collection of, preservation of and access to the documentary heritage”, “Experiences among UNESCO Member States based on Best Practice Models” “Preservation of and Access to the Old Books and films”, “Bibliographical characteristics of the Korean Old Books”, and “Study on Preservation of and Access to audiovisuals in GPSH”.

They emphasized the importance of MOW activities and shared their experiences and practices and introduced the international Mow activities.

There was the video screening on the MOW.